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Hello!  And thanks for your interest.  We are a business, but language teaching is our passion, and we value our teachers highly and will support you fully if you work with us.

If you are interested in joining our team of language teaching professionals, could you please fill in the on-line form to the right.  It costs nothing to register and doesn’t commit you in any way.  It just means that, once you are approved, you will hear about new opportunities in your area as and when they arise. 

Please do not send us your cv – the online form is the only way to apply for teaching with us.  You will need easy internet access to work with us.

We generally employ teachers on a part-time basis, client by client. 

On receipt of your form, we will screen it.  If we feel that we could in principle offer you work, you will be added to our list and we will contact you for interview if/when we have a possible client for you.  We will tell you at that point what rate we would be able to offer.  

Pay rates vary according to your background and experience.   When we offer you work, we will tell you what rate would be paid.  Payment is usually made on a per-lesson basis (a standard lesson is 1.5 hours).

If you do not hear from us immediately, don’t give up hope!  We are unable to respond to all the applications we receive, but we save all that look potentially suitable. 

When you are given a client, your password will allow you to log all the details of your lessons, so that we are constantly in touch with how things are progressing.

Note that you need to attach a photo to this form.

The “willing to travel” box is ticked, because our teachers usually travel to our clients (within a reasonable distance, in agreement with you).  You should only untick this box if you ONLY work from home. 

Thanks again for being in touch, and we look forward to working with you!

Best regards,

Chris Polatch

Please note that as part of GDPR regulations (which come into force in May 2018) we need to make you aware that by registering you consent to our holding your data.  We may contact you as someone who has registered.  You can ask for your data to be deleted at any time unless you are currently teaching with us.

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