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We were contacted by the HR department of Mulberry in September 2011 when they asked for our help in organising Italian lessons for a number of colleagues who deal with Italy on a regular basis.  They were looking for lessons at both their Head Office in London and at their Somerset offices in Chilcompton.

Paola teaching at Mulberry in London

Gary Collen, UK Market Manager, Mulberry (on the right in the picture above) gave us this comment – in Italian(!) – on his Chris Polatch language course:

“Ho sempre voluto imparare una lingua straniere e questa è una buona opportunita’ Posso infatti studiare mentre viaggio per andare in ufficio la mattina, e quando torno a casa sul treno. Inoltre, mi diverto a praticare durante il mio tempo libero. E` un buon modo di usare il proprio tempo. La mia compagna era molta sopresa quando ho parlato a tutti gli italiani in occasione del nostro viaggio a Roma l’anno scorso.”

Here is an English translation: 

“I always wanted to learn a foreign language and this is a good opportunity to do so. I can study while I travel to the office in the morning and when I go back home by train. I also enjoy practicing during my spare time. It is a great pastime. My partner was astonished when I was confident speaking to Italians on our trip to Rome.”

Mulberry Head Office, Kensington, London

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