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Two groups of five people at the Winchester offices of Dutton Gregory, one of the South’s leading law firms, have been learning French in their lunchtimes. They have made great progress..

Small groups mean lots of speaking

“After several abortive tries at night school I thought a lunchtime session would be much more successful,” says Dutton Gregory’s Sandra Peckham. “Our teacher is lovely and it’s great being in small groups as there’s plenty of speaking practice. It has also been good getting to know people on a social level who otherwise I may only pass in the corridor.” 

“Our courses are much more convenient than the typical evening class, because our teachers come to your home or office,” explains Chris Polatch. “Our teachers are enthusiastic, professional and friendly – so students make rapid progress and have fun learning.”

New teaching methods speed progress

Our teacher at Dutton Gregory, is Daisy, who is bilingual and also a trained lawyer.

“Daisy is good fun,” says Dutton Gregory’s Anne Harvey. “She encourages us to think and speak in French,” says solicitor, Naomi Neville. “Her methods are very helpful and much improved from my earlier French learning experiences.” 

“I found my French had improved substantially when I went to Paris.  The classes have brought new found confidence as well as new skills,” says solicitor, Charlotte Syder. “I am learning much faster than when I was at school – although it is difficult to fit in the homework!”

And it’s good for the team

Sometimes companies decide to organise language courses for small groups, not just because they have a linguistic need, but as a challenging break from their usual routine. Language classes can be great fun and break down barriers that can develop in a team.

Dutton Gregory CEO, Michelle Tatner, agrees: “I definitely see team-building benefits for the business from the classes, because we have had the chance to get to know people we don’t work with on a daily basis.”

The two Winchester Dutton Gregory groups completed three courses of lessons and signed up for a fourth. A group at the Bournemouth office followed suit.

Dutton Gregory is one of the south’s leading law firms with offices in Winchester, Southampton and Bournemouth.

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