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Spanish is a major world language, and there are parts of the globe – notably South America – where you could be forgiven for thinking there is no other way of communicating.  Spain is virtually a second home for the British, so if you are unsure which language to take up, this has to be a good choice! 

Spoken by around 490 million people world-wide (in the United States alone, Spanish is the first language for some 38 million!), it is an accessible language which presents no major pronunciation difficulties.  The grammar can be challenging, but you will find the vocabulary fairly easy to pick up and – thanks to media exposure – surprisingly familiar at times! 

Some linguists believe that, along with English and Chinese, Spanish will be one of the three languages of a future “tri-lingual era” which is already taking shape.


When travelling in South America to countries such as Argentina (pictured) you will find your knowledge of Spanish makes everything more fun and interesting.  In the tourist hot-spots in cities such as Buenos Aires in you’ll find people who speak English, but when you hit the small out-of-the way bars and markets, it’s Spanish or nothing!

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