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Portuguese is spoken in Portugal and Brazil, as well as in several African countries, such as Mozambique and Angola.

It is currently listed as the 7th most spoken language globally, with over 200 million speakers.

Brazil is the South-American superpower, much bigger than any of its neighbours and with vast mineral resources, highly developed industry and an increasingly well-educated workforce.  Sao Paolo is one of the biggest cities in the world and a major hub in the region.

Portugal is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Brits because of its sunshine, stunning coastlines, historic cities and green countryside. Many of us choose Portugal for a holiday property or retirement home and, with its fabulous climate and easy-going lifestyle, you can understand why!

Portuguese is a latinate language, similar to Spanish, though it can sound quite different.  The Portuguese spoken in Portugal (sometimes called EP – European Portuguese) is sometimes thought to be a little bit harder to understand than Brazilian Portuguese (BP or “Brasileiro”).

However, whether you are interested in Brazil or Portugal, Portuguese is a beautiful language to learn.  Boa sorte!

Everyone’s going to BrazilFor the Olympics and for business ..Brazil gained world prominence after hosting the World Cup 2014 and the Olympics in 2016. More importantly, as one of the “BRIC” nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China – up and coming world powers), it will play a growing role in world affairs and more and more of us will be visiting for business and pleasure.  If chatting to the locals on Copacabana beach is on your list of things to do, better get started soon!  – and remember – the girl (or boy) from Ipanema does not speak English …

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