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Best described as Modern Standard Chinese, Mandarin is the most useful form of Chinese to learn for those wanting to travel or do business in China.  As the main language used in official contexts, in the media and in education, nearly everyone in China has exposure to Mandarin and can read, speak and understand it. Modern Standard Chinese also has official status in Taiwan and Singapore and is spoken by 800 million people throughout the world.

Your private Mandarin course can be tailored to the specific needs of you or your organisation

In recent years, China’s economy has grown at a phenomenal rate and the PRC is now a leading force in international markets.  Whilst the idea of learning Chinese may be daunting for many Westerners, the importance of the language in the 21st century is without question and it is becoming increasingly popular to learn Mandarin here in the UK.

Whether you want to learn Chinese for business or travel, for a GCSE or A Level, or even just for fun, our teachers can help you achieve your goals.  Don’t be put off by the “look” of the language.  Whilst the traditional Chinese characters are still widely used, the introduction of “Pinyin” in 1958 as a simplified way of writing Chinese using the familiar, Roman, alphabet is now commonplace in China and makes the language far more user friendly for those wanting to learn it.

Our lessons aim to give students a grasp of everyday Mandarin with the focus on speaking and understanding the language.  By the end of an initial 12 hour course you will have mastered the basics and be ready to order your first meal in a Chinese restaurant!  As they say in Chinese, hao yun (Good Luck!).

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