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Lessons with a private tutor will give you the extra skills you need to pass your Mandarin Chinese GCSE with confidence.

In a school class, you don’t often get the opportunity to practise your Mandarin properly or to concentrate on your individual strengths and weaknesses.

Private GCSE Mandarin tuition on your own, or with a friend, means the tutor can focus on your particular needs.

Your teacher will make sure that your private lessons are enjoyable as well as effective. You will learn how to communicate successfully and you will also tackle the areas of Mandarin Chinese grammar that you find most challenging. You will also learn the Chinese characters that you need to be able to read and write.

Your Mandarin Chinese tutor will build your confidence in the “four skills” (speaking, listening, reading and writing), develop your vocabulary and hone your grammar for all-round competence.

As the Mandarin GCSE exams approach, your tutor will make sure that you are well-prepared and happy about the listening and speaking tests and the written exams. We will help you with exam practice related to the challenges of your particular syllabus – practising oral presentations, for example, or working on reading and writing Chinese characters.

Most leading UK universities now prefer candidates with a good GCSE in a foreign language. With our tailored GCSE tuition, you will be able to face your Mandarin GCSE exams with confidence!

The Mandarin Chinese tutor will come to your home or you can go to the teacher, by arrangement.

Courses can take place anywhere in London or the UK.

1.5 hours minimum session unless otherwise agreed

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