Occupational English Test

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The OET has been developed specifically for 12 healthcare professions.

Many healthcare professionals choose OET because it helps them prove they have the right level of English for work or study, while also learning the kind of language they will need every day at work.

If you need to take the Test for any of the following fields of healthcare, we can help!

   – Medical Doctor/Medecine
   – Nursing
   – Dentistry
   – Veterinary science


   – Dietetics
   – Occupational Therapy
   – Optometry
   – Pharmacy
   – Physiotherapy
   – Podiatry
   – Radiotherapy
   – Speech Pathology

How can we help?

We can arrange for a teacher trained in preparing for the OET in your field to come to you for lessons (in some cases,if we do not have a specialist teacher in your area, teaching may need to be done online).

We will help you maximise your chances of passing with a good grade, and can also help you arrange your Test, giving you information on where to take it and available dates.

We’re with you all the way, so that you can practise your chosen profession with confidence and help patients improve their lives.

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A few years ago, we were approached by a client in the Taunton area asking us to help her acheive grade 7 in the IELTS test in order to be able to practice as a Doctor here in the UK. 

We matched our client with one our most experienced teachers, Suzi, who prepared her meticulously for the test.

Suzi was ideal for the assignment as her LTA (TEFL) qualifies her for English teaching and her experience as a First Aid teacher/trainer for the Red Cross qualifies her to deal with most medical terms.

When OET for medicine was introduced, Suzi and our client decided together that this qualification would be more beneficial for her. 

Suzi explains that while the grammar is at the same standard as IELTS, the actual writing, reading and listening content are all related to the medical profession.

The writing always takes the form of a referral letter for a patient, either to another hospital or another medical practitioner.

There are some very good text books for OET for medicine or healthcare available on Amazon and elsewhere. There is also a website which gives listening practice examples.

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