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We cater for mini groups of up to 12 people (we do not recommend going over this number).  

This can be a very cost-effective way of learning.

However, we do not put groups together – so you would need to come to us with a pre-formed group of family, friends or colleagues. 

If you are really keen to learn, can’t afford 1:1 but don’t have a group of people ready to enrol, why not try getting one together?  You could

  • advertise in your local newsagent’s,
  • place an ad on a community website or
  •  just hit the phone with your contacts list. 

You’ll be surprised what a thirst there is for language-learning in modern-day Britain.

Each group needs a named contact person who will coordinate the group.

You will need somewhere suitable for lessons to take place.  For groups of up to 5/6 this could be in a private home – maybe in a large kitchen or sitting-room.  You may want to organise a flip-chart for the teacher.  If you are a company group, a training-room with flexible seating will make a good environment.

It’s important that everyone in the group is really keen to learn and that attendance is regular.  Better to have fewer, committed people (even if it costs a bit more) than a larger group with some members who are there for the ride.

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