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I fell in love with Italy on a school trip when I was fifteen and decided to study Italian even though it wasn’t taught at my school.  I got a book and put myself in for the O Level – and passed!

I studied languages at university and went on to teach English (TEFL) abroad.  I worked at the British Council in Milan and Lisbon for 6 years in total, as well as spending some time as a “Lecteur” at the University of Perpignan.

On returning to the UK, I became Principal of one of London’s largest language schools where, among other things, I set up a very successful teacher-training department for TEFL teachers.

For fifteen years I conducted an annual consultancy in Uruguay related to language testing and I also worked for Trinity College London as a language examiner, testing the English language skills of children and adults in locations as far apart as Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Italy, Spain and Hungary.

I set up my own language teaching business over 10 years ago and enjoy talking to our clients about their language learning aspirations and how to achieve them.

In my spare time, I love music and play piano and trumpet – badly, but with passion.

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